20 February 2011

18 February 2011

If music be...

This week I thought I would share several songs that I have recently reconnected with, enjoy. Marina x

"King George" - Dover

"Big Yellow Taxi" - Counting Crows

"Us" - Regina Spektor

9 February 2011

O Diana!

I am soooooo excited I could burst! my new Diana camera is on its way. I bought it on E-bay for a bargain £30 and it comes with four rolls of film. I cannot wait for it to arrive and get experimenting. Of course as a result my new favourite website is lomography.com

3 February 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across Travel Babbles: Project Me. The basic concept is that every week you set yourself challenges, be it for the week, the month or the year. However the challenges aim to improve your happiness. Its probably best if you check her out for yourself! I think I too would like to set myself small challenges each week. Something simple that will not seem like a chore. My first challenge for the week is going to be to drink more water. My daily intake is shocking, and my skin could do with a helping hand, so each day I am going to aim to drink at least two large cups of water. Wish me luck! Marina x