5 January 2011

I Hear the Call of a Lifetime Ring

·  So at this time of year most people make new years resolutions, but I am never great at sticking to mine, so this year I have written a life list- things I want to accomplish before I die. Obviously i am going to go adding to the list as time goes on, but this will do for right now.

·      Stop biting my nails
·      Learn to make a paper crane
·      Listen to 1000 new songs (help!)
·      Visit all seven continents
·      Visit Sweden
·      Make a quilt
·      See a child being born
·      Get 100 blog followers (help!)
·      Go snorkeling
·      Send a proper valentines card
·      Visit Greece
·      Learn Italian
·      Road trip across the USA
·      Vote!
·      Learn sign language
·      Go white water rafting
·      Take a self defence class
·      Learn to surf
·      Crowd surf
·      Go zorbing
·      Ride on the back of a motorcycle
·      Learn a real argentine tango
·      Participate in La Tomatina 


  If you can help me accomplish any of the goals that would be amazing, but the one I really need some help with is 'listen to 1000 new songs' If anyone wants to recommend their favourite song, or a song they think I HAVE to hear then I am keen for your suggestions. Marina x



  1. What great goals!! And it seems your well on your way with those paper cranes. Congratulations!!

    xo. Melisa

  2. wow thanks Melisa! You are the very first person to comment on this blog. Thank you so much. Its nice to know that someone has read it :)
    marina xo