8 January 2011


Today some goodies arrived in the post for me from Artbox. The goodies are mainly future presents for people but I did buy myself a cute Paris themed letter set thanks to some inspiration from 'My Life in France' by Julia Childs. I am desperate to go to Paris now! 


  1. Aw, these goodies are all so cute! I would totally end up giving in and keeping them for myself if I were you, hehe. You have such a lovely new blog. I'm relatively new to blogging too but I really enjoy it already, it's such a nice community. I hope you enjoy yourself blogging too! :)

  2. Ah! Thanks Katie. I get so excited when I get a comment :) I am really enjoying blogging. And its nice to get comments just so you know that someone is reading your posts! I am going to check your blog out tomorrow and give it a good trawl. In a non-stalker fashion! Marina x