23 January 2011

Inspiration (Photo Heavy)

Hey everyone! Its been I while since I last posted but school has been hectic. Here are some insane tattoo designs that I recently came across. Marina x

fox tattoo

16 January 2011


Summer really cannot come soon enough for me...

Paper Cranes

After having learnt to fold paper cranes I decided to put them all to good use and made this wall hangings for my friend Molly who's birthday is coming up soon. Sorry about the bad photo quality! Marina x

14 January 2011

Intrest in Pintrest

My darling auntie recently bought my attention to the wonderful Pintrest. The website is great, basically you look through the thousands of pictures and any that take your fancy can then be pinned on to your own  board. its really simple and allows you to save your favourite images on one site without clogging up your computers memory. Another neat thing about it is that the picture will lead you back to the original blog so its a fun way of discovering new bloggers. I hope that makes sense, anyway here are some of the inspiring images I have found. Marina x

12 January 2011

Up, Up and Away

This is the most adorable kids party I have ever witnessed. This mom has some insane attention to detail! The link comes from Hostess Blog. It is really worth a look if you have a party to plan! 

wowee, what a cake!


For years I have always loved this song from Matilda, but I always forgot to google it and see what it was called. Today I found it and it absolutely made my day! The video is fun but kind of ridiculous as well! Enjoy. Marina x


So today I thought I would shed some light on my collection...Pez Dispensers! At the moment I only have fourteen of them, ultimately I would like one hundred, and I would love one of those HUGE ones but they're kinda out of my budget at the moment! What things do you collect? Marina x

My very first Pez!

10 January 2011

Life List Update

Here are some things to add to my Life List;

>Pass my driving test
>Fly first class once
>Visit a concentration camp

A Follower!

Last night just before I went to bed, I had an urge to check my email and boy am I glad I did! Finally I had a follower who wasn't in my family, OH MY GOODNESS! Someone actually cares about my writing, and whilst I don't blog for anyone elses benefit, it's still really cool. Check out her blog; Dear your name here. On another note I listened to my first new song today for my life list. The rule for this goal was that it had to be songs that I wouldn't normally hear on the radio, or songs that have already been released that I have never heard of. The first one is Maxine Gale, Get Right Back To Where We Started From.Hope you all had a super day! Marina x

8 January 2011


Today some goodies arrived in the post for me from Artbox. The goodies are mainly future presents for people but I did buy myself a cute Paris themed letter set thanks to some inspiration from 'My Life in France' by Julia Childs. I am desperate to go to Paris now! 

7 January 2011

Then I Just Smile

Yesterday I was inspired by the website operationbeautiful. We recently had a 'positive body image' week at our school but the message has quickly been forgotten. Today I spread the love and posted my fist sticky note in a random library book. I only did one today but I am going to make some more ready for Monday and stick them up wherever I go! Oh and on the paper crane front. I have now made seven of them! Marina x

6 January 2011

Life List accomplishment Number 1!

So last night I was doing some heavy procrastination on my favourite site stumbleupon when I 'stumbled' upon one of the random-ist yet inspirational blog (500daysofinspiration). It is based on 500 days of summer, which happens to be one of my all time favourite films. Long story short I found a tutorial on how to make paper cranes and i thought, hey why not begin striking things off that list right now! I made two to begin, but now seriously, I am like a pro (Not, that petal fold is a killer!) so i am going to make some more in pretty papers, and make a mobile. Marina x
crane number one

crane number one and his buddy crane number two

 my goal

5 January 2011

I Hear the Call of a Lifetime Ring

·  So at this time of year most people make new years resolutions, but I am never great at sticking to mine, so this year I have written a life list- things I want to accomplish before I die. Obviously i am going to go adding to the list as time goes on, but this will do for right now.

·      Stop biting my nails
·      Learn to make a paper crane
·      Listen to 1000 new songs (help!)
·      Visit all seven continents
·      Visit Sweden
·      Make a quilt
·      See a child being born
·      Get 100 blog followers (help!)
·      Go snorkeling
·      Send a proper valentines card
·      Visit Greece
·      Learn Italian
·      Road trip across the USA
·      Vote!
·      Learn sign language
·      Go white water rafting
·      Take a self defence class
·      Learn to surf
·      Crowd surf
·      Go zorbing
·      Ride on the back of a motorcycle
·      Learn a real argentine tango
·      Participate in La Tomatina 


  If you can help me accomplish any of the goals that would be amazing, but the one I really need some help with is 'listen to 1000 new songs' If anyone wants to recommend their favourite song, or a song they think I HAVE to hear then I am keen for your suggestions. Marina x


4 January 2011

Snail Mail

Two days ago I got my very first pen pal. I am so excited to exchange letters with her as I hardly ever get post, and I get to make a new crafty friend. Today I posted the very first letter. Ali its on the way! 

You should check out her cute blog and amazing crochet skills at Ali Croshaye. See you soon. Marina x

A Pleasant Introduction

 Well seeing as I plan on being a keen blogger this year I thought I would briefly introduce myself. My name is Marina, I am a nineteen, live in England and currently in my last year of high school. I have been reading other blogs for about a year now but have only just plucked up the courage to write my own for fear that no one would read it! But now i realise this is something that I should do for myself and not everyone else. 

This is me now...

This is me then...

I started playing guitar just over a year ago. I am an only child and live at home with my mom (who has her own blog!) I collect Pez  dispensers although with only ten of them, its rather a small collection. I live in a small town by the sea where nothing ever happens. I will reveal more as time goes on. Marina x

1 January 2011

Under Construction

Well one of my new years resolutions was to start blogging seriously. So as a result of this I am taking four days away from the blog to organise and design. See you soon! Marina x